Месяц: Январь 2020

Assets of a long-term investor

     A stock is an equity security that confirms the ownership of part of the business in the company that issued the stock. In other words, when buying a stock, an investor buys part of the business of the company that issued it. What are the stocks?      In most cases, there are two...

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How to fix your bad credit history

     In Russia, many citizens take loans from time to time, but most of these borrowers cannot always pay their debts on time. Such delays in payments usually have a serious effect on credit standing. And it is important, because before issuing a loan, the company carefully checks the credit...

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Forecast for the dollar, euro and other currencies in 2020

     What to expect from the main currency pairs in the New Year      All these currencies, primarily the dollar and the euro, are more or less correlated with the main macroeconomic indicators and political events, which is a drawback from the point of view of fans of technical analysis...

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Virtual plastic card. Instructions

     You won’t surprise anyone with an ordinary plastic card now – even in the dead of night at a kiosk with shawarma, we are able to pay with plastic. This is not some kind of Germany where you still have to look for payment with a plastic card, and almost never saw Apple Pay in your...

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What is cryptocurrency?

     Nowadays, the topic of digital currencies is very popular. Usually digital currencies are called in one word: cryptocurrency. This currency is only on the Internet, in everyday life, on the street or in stores, you will not find it! There are simply no different coins or notes.    ...

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