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About Us

     Greetings to everyone who is interested in this site, who are interested in reading what I publish here! My name is Maxim.

     One of my specialties is Forex trading. Therefore, I am interested in topics of investment, stock and financial markets, economics and finance. He devoted many years to trading Forex, and investing in PAMM accounts and PAMM portfolios. A lot of time goes to Forex. If someone comes in handy my experience, so as not to repeat the mistakes, I would be glad.

     I am also interested in everything related to cryptocurrencies, how it is mined, its development history, new developments, etc. He himself was engaged in mining, trading on some cryptocurrency exchanges. I completed a training course on blockchain technology and am following the development of legislation regarding cryptocurrencies in different countries, etc. It is interesting.

     If you are interested in some topic that I touched on, you can write a comment if you have something to add. If you want to publish some of your article, write to me and we will discuss this. If you find an error or an incorrect statement of facts in any article, please inform me and I will correct it.

     I also ask you to not publish the articles I publish as the ultimate truth, not to consider calls to action. Before you invest your money somewhere, think a hundred times, weigh the pros and cons, consult with specialists.

     And of course, I wish you all good luck in trading, in investments and in self-development!

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