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Trader — a profession?

     Well, yes and no. With the technological advancements of internet trading access to global financial markets has become available to everyone. To try your hand at FOREX, it is necessary not so much its own funds and the necessary knowledge is available on the on-line courses from the comfort of home.

     However, in order to achieve meaningful results and to obtain tangible profits need while on training and practice and immersion in real market conditions. Many enough of these two components — and work on FOREX is a source of additional income for the area of ​​professional development, and even enthusiasm, useful from a financial point of view. And not necessarily to give up work or study: FOREX advantage is that trading is easy to combine with other activities.

     But for someone comes a time when the experience and deep knowledge of the market, trading tools and technical solutions FOREX allowed to go to a professional level. In a profession trader has a number of advantages and, above all, it is the relative freedom: no need to go to the office, no superiors and subordinates, and for the work you need is a computer and internet access. This feature creates the image of a trader sitting on the beach with a cocktail in hand and a laptop in her lap. By the way, for many this routine working day is quite real.

     Another advantage of the professional trader — no need to invest their own funds. If trading systems are effective, and the average yield suggests a stable black, then it is bound to attract investors willing to transfer funds to be managed. A trader works on the market with investors’ funds, called the manager, and his salary is a percentage of the profit for the trade. The interaction of managers and investors occurs within investment accounts FOREX CLUB — here there are the money of those who want to earn, and the experience of those who know how to do it correctly.

     It is noteworthy that the majority of professional traders and subsequently successful control once started from scratch. Many of them do not even have the financial or economic education. The only thing they have in common — a commitment and perseverance. Only in this way trading on FOREX becomes a profession.

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