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Introduction to the FOREX market

     Forex is a shortening of Foreign Exchange, which means «international currency exchange.» That is Forex — is the currency market, where the participants perform speculative trading, investment, hedge currency transactions through commercial banks or dealing centers. On the Forex is an exchange of freely convertible currencies, as they have no restrictions on the foreign exchange transactions. Often used as a concept as «forex market», which emphasizes the principle of formation of market prices.

     The main type of operations carried out by the participants of the Forex market, are the purchase and sale transaction, which aim to profit by the difference in exchange rates. Exchange rate is the price (quote) currency of one country expressed in the currency of another country. In this over-the-counter quotation shaped by supply and demand and is constantly changing. Allocate course seller (in which the agent sells the currency) and the rate the buyer (to which the currency is bought.) The difference between these rates and the profit.

     Forex market features of its distributed nature, that is, it has no single point at which there is an exchange transaction. Because of this, he is working around the clock. In addition, FOREX is currently the largest financial market, which gives the total amount committed by third world operations. This maintains high liquidity rates in circulation.

     As we know, the high profit potential means and high risk. Therefore it is important to maximize revenue and minimize risk in operations in the Forex market is the study of the principles of formation of exchange rates, the factors influencing their change of the organizational structure of the currency market, the type and degree of risk for various foreign exchange transactions, the rules and tools of the trade, as well as methods of market analysis and forecasting of its movement.

     Get shopping experience without losing their money allows the use of a demo account. When you open the account owner can choose a certain amount of virtual assets and assess the possibility of earning the foreign exchange market without the risk of losing real money.

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