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Investing in Elite Whiskey

Knowledgeable investors invest in whiskey – a market that promises tremendous returns. Tired of investing in stocks and bonds? Try to buy a more liquid asset – whiskey! Investors all over the world place big bets on a drink that can soar in price and turn into a huge profit....

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Handbook to understand the words of the crisis

     Spreads, ratings, BTP-Bund, CDS. Every day we are deluged by reports that contain terms which often do not know the true underlying meaning.     The tension in financial markets is getting more tense and the news they try to interpret the situation through the use of technical terms...

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Investing in gold in 2020. Options, Benefits, Reliability

Conservative investors prefer to invest in gold because of small risks and the possibility of making good money over the years. This is especially true today, when forecasts of a noticeable increase in the price of precious metals are increasingly appearing. It is also important that investing in...

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The appointment of Mikhail Mishustin as prime minister is a positive development for the Russian stock market

From 2008 to 2010, during a break in the civil service, Mikhail Mishustin headed the investment fund UFG Capital Partners. This fund invests in the Russian stock market and real estate, as well as venture financing. In particular, the fund invested in Yandex before the IPO.Now the UFG fund is...

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How to fix your bad credit history

     In Russia, many citizens take loans from time to time, but most of these borrowers cannot always pay their debts on time. Such delays in payments usually have a serious effect on credit standing. And it is important, because before issuing a loan, the company carefully checks the credit...

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