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Investing in Elite Whiskey

Knowledgeable investors invest in whiskey – a market that promises tremendous returns. Tired of investing in stocks and bonds? Try to buy a more liquid asset – whiskey!
Investors all over the world place big bets on a drink that can soar in price and turn into a huge profit. After the first whiskey index was formed 6 years ago, a top-level single-malt drink increased in value by more than 660%, rapidly surpassing the dynamics of stock markets and other classic investment assets. In January 2019, a bottle of Macallan “M” scotch tape was auctioned off for an unprecedented amount of $ 628,205.
Whiskey – an alcoholic beverage made from corn, rice, barley or other grain, which is produced by fermentation, distillation and further aging in oak barrels. “The increase in returns on investment in whiskey is linked to increasing worldwide demand and declining supply of exceptional and well-seasoned single malt varieties,” said Stephen Notman of Whiskey Corporation. The so-called ‘angel’s share’ evaporates through the walls of oak barrels during aging. If the drink is kept for a long time, then little remains of it. That’s why old whiskeys are considered rare and valuable.
For example, a bottle of 1937 Glenfiddich whiskey, aged for 64 years, was sold in 2012 at Christie’s auction for £ 46,000 ($ 72,000). Only 60 bottles of this drink were produced. Experts say with confidence that the limited supply of aged, rare varieties of whiskey suggests that the market is in a stage of steep, continuous growth.

Is it really a bourbon boom?
“Like other investments, investing in whiskey starts with the formation of an impressive investment portfolio,” said Nicholas Pollacky, investment consultant at Whiskey Dog. “The ego is not an exact science,” he remarked. “You are looking for uniqueness … and that applies to every bottle you purchase.” While famous brands can also increase their portfolio, “it’s not at all necessary to spend … a ton of money. The main thing is that you understand the value. ”
And, of course, investors have to be careful not to “drink” their investments – Pollaki recommends buying two bottles, if possible: one for the portfolio, and the other for consumption. Investors are now able to invest in the world’s only whiskey investment fund, which began operations in 2019 and is led from Hong Kong. The fund’s portfolio contains more than 3,000 bottles, the bulk of which are from Scotland and Japan. The fund managers have already raised $ 4 million, plan to raise another $ 6 million and are planning to pay annual dividends on profits for the whiskey sold.

“Our strategy is to focus on brand icons, on products of closed factories, for limited-edition whiskey, as well as for well-known brands of whiskey, ”said fund manager Rikesh Kishnani. “We will buy and sell whiskey smoothly every year, which is why we are an active trading fund, and not a fund holding funds for a long period of time.” And although investing in whiskey is available to every person, this is far from the most democratic asset. At least 250,000 US dollars must be invested in Kishnani fund, while some private collections of investors are estimated at millions.
According to experts, such a price tag implies that true whiskey lovers are best suited for this type of investment. “The ego is as if with art; it is an investment driven by passion so that they are not for everyone, ”said Pollacky. “If it’s not interesting for you, I don’t I think it’s worth spending your money on it. ”

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