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How to fix your bad credit history

     In Russia, many citizens take loans from time to time, but most of these borrowers cannot always pay their debts on time. Such delays in payments usually have a serious effect on credit standing. And it is important, because before issuing a loan, the company carefully checks the credit history (CI) of the client and makes a decision only when it is fully confident in the reliability of the borrower. How can I fix my credit past if my loans are refused? We will tell in this article.

Report Validation

bad credit history

bad credit history

    First you need to check all your debts and loans and make sure that all loan agreements with banks have been closed and all debts paid. If you have a violation of the terms of the contract, late payments on the loan – this is very bad, but you can still get a loan. Only lending conditions and interest will be less attractive. If in your credit past you can notice long delays in payments of up to three months, then you will be refused, even on the worst credit conditions. But in this case, you can get your reputation out of the pit.
     The first step is to check your report. In order to get your file, you must go to any commercial credit organization and get all the information about your credit reputation for money. The service takes a few minutes. You can get all the information for free by sending a letter to the BCH (credit bureau), or come there in person. But before that, you need to find out in which BCH your CH. To do this, go to the “Credit stories” section on the Bank of Russia website and select the “Request for information from the credit bureaus” tab there. To get information from you, they will be asked for the subject code, you can find it in the loan agreement.
     According to the Federal Law, it can be seen that each individual can receive an extract on CH free of charge once a year.
     After receiving the report, you should make sure that you have no debts to creditors. If you find an outstanding loan, you must repay it in full. But in case you have not paid the loan within three months, your loan can be sold. Then you will have to pay the debt to new creditors in the person of collectors. But this is possible if you received a written notice in advance. After full repayment of the debt at the bank or at the lenders, in a few days, information on repayment of the loan will be received by the bureau. From this moment you can begin to correct your CH.

Credit Improvement

     Now let’s figure out how to increase your credit reputation in the eyes of large companies. The main ways:

  • It is necessary to deal with the repayment of all debts;
  • Open a deposit with a credit institution where you expect to get a loan;
  • Make a microloan;
  • Use as many services of credit companies as possible.

     That is, with these actions you enter at least some new entries in your report. For a good reputation, you should be more reliable regarding your obligations as a client of the bank. If you have a new installment plan or loan, try to pay off the debt on time, or even ahead of schedule. To increase the likelihood of a positive response, you should make sure there are no debts to the bailiffs. Banking organizations are sometimes involved in checking the base regarding loan arrears and the presence of unpaid fines or utilities.
     But if you are in no hurry, you can get a new loan calmly after 15 years without thinking about refusal, because after this period, all records about you will be deleted.

Microloan Correction Method

     This method is simpler to fix your reputation. To do this, you need to contact one of the microfinance organizations and arrange a small loan with high interest there. After paying off, take a new one. It is important not to allow delay and not to violate the requirements of the loan agreement. After several such loans, your history will be replenished with new loans that were paid regularly and without delay. This can increase your reputation in large credit companies.
     To correct your story in this way, you can go to any organization that issues microloans. Since all information about all microloans is also entered in the CH, in accordance with the law. There are organizations that make suggestions to improve credit ratings. They represent the issuance of several loans in a row. But such proposals are usually a marketing ploy, so there is no big difference in where to get loans.
For example, Sovcombank offers such a program: several loans are issued for a borrower at an annual rate of 47%. The amount of loans in this case is 3-10 thousand rubles, and the term is from three to nine months. But the peculiarity of this program is that the loan itself is not issued to you. You only pay the loan and get a good CH as a result.

Paid CH Improvement

     If someone really wants to fix the story, he probably already saw an ad like “fixing credit history for money.” In most cases, such ads may be hiding scammers, or unscrupulous employees of BCH, who for 20-35 thousand will delete all information about your debts.
     But most likely you will come across a scammer who will require you to pay the full amount right away, but of course, will not give any guarantee. Therefore, entering into cooperation with such people, you are at great risk. Even if he has the opportunity to correct your CH by deleting data from it, it is illegal. For this crime, criminal liability applies, both to the contractor and the customer.
     As a result, we can only say one thing: improving your credit history for free and on the Internet is a very difficult and lengthy procedure that you will spend years on. And if you manage to improve your dossier, we do not recommend immediately applying for a large loan. To begin with, it is best to take a small loan with high interest rates or issue a credit card with a small limit. The main condition for improving CH is the integrity and reliability of the payer.

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