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Which market or exchange to trade for a beginner

Before newcomers who come to the market with the aim of trading or investing, the question arises – where to trade. Because there are binary options, Forex, cryptocurrency, stock market and it is not clear what to choose. Therefore, I will briefly talk about each type of trade.1. Binary...

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How to accumulate capital

The presence of capital speaks not only about a person’s financial capabilities, not only about his good salary. If a person was able to accumulate money for capital, which can then be invested in a profitable business, then this, first of all, means that he correctly manages the money. But how...

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Assets of a long-term investor

     A stock is an equity security that confirms the ownership of part of the business in the company that issued the stock. In other words, when buying a stock, an investor buys part of the business of the company that issued it. What are the stocks?      In most cases, there are two...

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Virtual plastic card. Instructions

     You won’t surprise anyone with an ordinary plastic card now – even in the dead of night at a kiosk with shawarma, we are able to pay with plastic. This is not some kind of Germany where you still have to look for payment with a plastic card, and almost never saw Apple Pay in your...

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Types of investments

     The purpose of any financial investment is profit, and what tools to get it better to use, the investor decides, starting from the amount of capital, the ability to manage risks, as well as personal preferences and knowledge about the market.     Any type of investment has its...

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