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Did everyone manage to buy palladium? He is gone)

Another week of trading behind. This week I traded mainly in gold. Almost all transactions were unsuccessful. The market turned up at the very moment when I closed the purchase and opened a deal for sale. Well, down when I started shopping. And so for several days in a row. There were lucrative deals, of course. But in the end, almost -150 dollars per week.

Of course I acted incorrectly. Already on Tuesday evening it was clear that everything was going wrong, usually you quickly understand this. It was necessary to stop trading for at least one day. Or maybe for a few days. But forex is a drug for me, unfortunately. I understand everything, I know everything, but most often I don’t control myself. Therefore, the loss. Moreover, the whole of December was very successful and managed to make good money.

Well, let’s not cry and oppress ourselves. The next work week is behind. Ahead of the weekend and you need to relax.

But cryptocurrencies, namely altcoins, were very pleased. I am mining Monero (XMR) and Ether Classic (ETC). For more than two months, he did not withdraw tokens because prices were low. But this week was a good lift and managed to bring Monero. ETC has not yet been withdrawn due to another hard fork, the ETC blockchain is not working in normal mode, so for now you need to wait a few days. But the ETC results for January 14 – + 19.5%, January 15 – + 14.4%, January 16 – + 9.8% and today, January 17 – more than 20%! It’s very good!

Well, for dessert we have palladium) I do not do this, but I congratulate those who are somehow connected with palladium:

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