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From the world of cryptocurrencies (16.01.20):


📍 Visa bought Plaid financial startup for $ 5.3 billion. Plaid software allows startups to connect to users’ bank accounts and works with Venmo, the Robinhood mobile investment application and the Coinbase and Gemini cryptocurrency exchanges. Now Visa will be able to expand its money transfer offers, as well as connect services for blockchain developers.

📍 Coinsbit Exchange will launch the Coinsbit Store trading platform in April this year, which will unite sellers with Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, Alibaba, Taobao and Shopify. Also in 2020, an over-the-counter platform for local cryptocurrency trading will be launched and 50 fiat currencies will be added on the main platform.

📍 Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange intends to limit access to the platform for residents of Japan. This was reported in a notification posted on the user support site.
The reasons and specific dates for the termination of Binance’s work with Japanese customers were not disclosed. The statement said that the exchange will introduce restrictions gradually, and details will be known later.

📍 The Reserve Bank of Australia announced that it has completed testing of the regulated token mechanism (CBDC) in its payment system. The regulator modeled a network for moving coins launched on the Ethereum blockchain.

The essence of the project is to see how banks will be able to process customer payments in digital currency. The Central Bank said that now regulators in many countries are trying to analyze the consequences of introducing a regulated digital currency. This is necessary in order to withstand the influence of private cryptocurrency projects, for example, Libra.

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